2. Designing

In this day and age, marketing materials need to stand out from their competition as much as possible. With several forms of media available, criterion on how each advertisement can appeal to various target groups can vary greatly. Furthermore, advertisements in high traffic areas need to grab the target audience’s attention at first glance – not the first look, but fleeting glance – especially Singapore who ranked first in a 2007 study* regarding the average walking speed over a certain distance!

The various mediums where advertisements can appear on include: television, web videos, posters, banners, website banners, web pages, logos, flyers, brochures, newsletters and the list goes on. The designs selected for each of these mediums will have to be just as varied since for example, creating flash animations on a website will not be possible on a brochure. However, the design concept and elements has to maintain a certain degree of consistency while keeping their attention grabbing attributes. Moreover, how one design appeals to a target group may not be as attractive to another target group, which may also fall under the target audience in general.

That is why with DMV’s design services, clients can be assured of not only quality designs, but that they will be well-researched and thought through before being proposed. With a team of highly experienced designers, DMV provides design that captivates the audience instead of confusing them, retaining the core and main message of each and every marketing material whether offline or online.